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Red Lips are Haunting You

ERIXZ Change Design is a small but beautiful company based in Hilversum, the media city of the Netherlands, the home of all principal Dutch radio and television networks.

ERIXZ Change Design is all about shapes, lines, curves, colors, styles and layouts, brought to life in a digital environment. In this digital environment, our designs have evolved to become a mix of graphic design and CMS design.

As web designers we have learned to embrace the fact that that the web is a constantly evolving place, and that we need to evolve right along with it.

Nowadays, the majority of websites out there is still based on fixed page layouts. This approach has rapidly become obsolete. Due to the explosion of smartphones and tablets over the past few years, the content of web pages is now consumed by a wider array of screen sizes, screen resolutions, and browser types than ever before.

The old school method of fixed page layout design, often leads to a lot of annoying scrolling and zooming, especially for small screen devices. This approach has therefor made room for a new methodology: responsive design.

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